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Wooden Handcrafted Soap Dishes Wooden Handcrafted Soap Dishes

These slotted wooden soap dishes will more than double the life of our handcrafted cold process soaps. Cold process soaps need to properly air dry between uses, and these rustic soap holders provide the perfect way to allow air to flow around the soaps.

100% natural Black Walnut, Cherry & Wormy Chestnut, locally sourced and handcrafted right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Made from scratch by our neighbor and our very own Kevin.
Each soap saver is made in such a way as to enable optimal drainage so water wicks away from your soap to keep it dry.

Each soap dish has been coated with a non toxic waterproof stain and small nails inserted by a nail gun. No glues or other toxic materials were used to make these items.

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