Garnet Rose Soap Company, LLC
I am, Ms V, Owner/OPERATOR of the
Garnet Rose Soap Company.
I make it, sell it, market, ship it you name it, I wear this hat for a reason. It has been such a great opportunity and blessing to be able to provide an all natural alternative to my customers for the past 3 years. When I left the School System as an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf, in Charlotte and headed for the hills here in Ashe County, NC with Kevin, the first words out of his mouth is that I needed to have a job. With that said I created my own job making all natural soap in December 2013! Our company is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County in North Carolina. I am the brain child of this dream to make soap and to be my own boss, and so far, I can say I truly love meeting all my customers and giving them a bar of soap that they really adore. It hasn't been easy coming to a new town and wanting to start a business, but I'm Ms V, and my goal and vision is to be the best in whatever I do. So enough about me let's meet the rest of the crew, of course I could not do any of this without my staff!
Ms V

Meet Kevin, my wonderful better half, Co-Owner and Mad Scientist in training!
Kevin at first knew nothing about making soap, with that said he has help me set up, break down, greet customers, made a batch of soap or two and he has followed me all over North Carolina to shows and festivals for the last few years. Some days he is such a character as you can see in the picture above at the Southern Women's show in Charlotte NC 2016. Celebrating our Award Ribbon of Best Exhibit in Show out of at least 400 other exhibitors. He has been my everything when it comes to making soap and deciding what direction we will take next! Thanks for all you do Kevin I don't know where I would be without you!

Meet Rachel, another Mad Scientist in training, my right and left arm, personal assistant, she does it all!
Rachel has come to us with a wonderful work skill and is much appreciated by all of our customers! we love having Rachel on our staff at the Ashe County Farmer's Market every Saturday she has given Kevin and I the time to take the Garnet Rose Soap Company on the road so that we can reach other customers in North Carolina. Rachel is a graduate of Ashe County High School and has really been an ideal treasure to train on how to make the best soap and be a young entrepreneur in training!
We love you Rachel thanks for all that you do!

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Tell me how you started in soapmaking?

Ms V. As a young girl, my grandmother, Nannie and Aunt Catherine would make soap the old fashion way and it was the best soap I had ever tried. After growing up and always having beautiful skin and getting compliments on my skin, I started looking for natural soap to use. It wasn't until we bought a home in the Blue Ridge Mountains that I decided I didn't want to work in the corporate world anymore and I decided to start making my own soap and lotions to use at home.
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