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We love to hear from our customers and it makes us smile every time we open an email or read a comment from our social media pages…SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING WITH US AND LETTING EVERYONE KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE OUR SOAPS!
Ms V & Kevin,
“Just got my new supply of peppermint soap from our favorite local crafter, The Garnet Rose Soap Company, LLC. So good it makes you tingle! (High Country Local First)

“You really did smell so good, will be in touch to get some of you products." Deborah P

"My dog and I are truly enjoying the soaps that I purchased from you at the Triad Dog Games.” Aristopits Pet Food & Supplies

Handmade soaps for The Garnet Rose Soap Company, LLC and the mountains of Appalachia. Each soap is meticulously crafted…And they are gluten free!” (Nikki E & Gluten & Allergy Free Wellness)

“I absolutely love your patchouli soap with the steel cut oats! Great Products!” Jessica M

“I love Ms V’s Soaps. I will be getting a fresh supply this week.” Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe

“Ms. V—You are a delight—and I will need to purchase more soaps for Christmas. Thank You for your charm and joie de vivre.” Square Customer

“We tried the “peppermint" soap this week - Devine!” Bluemoonistic Images

Happy Mother’s Day to me, Ms V I don’t know where to start!” Patti M

“Wow…everyone speaks so highly of your soap. It makes me SUPER excited to try it!!! I can’t wait! To be honest, I’m more of a body soap kinda girl…but I’ve read about half of your comments, looked at your website, checked out EVERYTHING you had, and your prices, and I’m really intrigued!!! I must say I was expecting them to be pretty expensive, especially for someone is struggling, but when I saw how inexpensive they were, I had to buy some!!! I will definitely keep you updated!!! thank you for being who you are God Bless! Paige W

"Aloha Ms. V I have traveled halfway ‘round the world with a bar of your wonderful soap! The amazing Hawaiian sun keeps me company all day, and your soothing moisturizing soap is making me feel pampered at night! Mahalo!!” Beth M

"I’m loving th natural soap form The Ganet rose soap Company, LLC. My skin is glowing!!!" Divine Equality

I got my soap today and couldn’t wait to use it! I’ll definitely be getting more! And if my very long bath today is any indication, it will be very soon Thank You!” Lisa B

"Ms. V adds SPARK to the market!" T WILD (ASHE FARMERS MARKET)

“Buy local this market has amazing stuff, I bought some of this soap it’s AMAZING!” Laura G. (ASHE FARMERS MARKET)

“I love my lavender soap!” Vickie F(ASHE FARMERS MARKET)


“I HEART my soaps. Thank You. I’m a lifer customer I have the cards in my purse to pass out as well! So Wonderful! (Facebook Customer)
“Wanted to update…Just ordered my soaps! Super Excited! Thanks again for leading me in the right direction!” (Facebook Customer)

“!’m so proud of you! You’re so adventuresome, creative and for someone with no “Preparation in the market”, You have the drive and business sense it takes!” Michael S.

“Getting us clean from days digging in the dirt in Jerusalem. rosemary Patchouli gets you clean!” Chris A.

"Ms. V is an amazing person - so full of LOVE for everyone. Her soaps are the best I’ve ever used. The mixes are exquisite, and the results are…well, just feel her soft skin! I’ve purchased over 10 different bars, and store them in my linen closet. I love to open the door and stand there taking in the wonderful fragrances.” Danny S.

“I do believe that the Lord put you on earth to be a ray of sunshine for all the people that come in contact with you!” Bonnie

“Came home used my bar of lavender lemon soap, my face feels so soft, I have an appointment with the dermatologist on the 15th, I’m hoping I see results by then :)” (Square Feedback)